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Do you want to master the art of surf perch fishing like a pro.On behalf of all the friends and family of Lake Erie United, we would like to welcome you to the site.

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Late summer and fall traditionally provide the best perch fishing of the year on Lake Erie.This includes number 8 hooks, and around 4-6 pound test line.Any of the about 200 related species of fish in the taxonomic family Percidae, especially.Membership is free to join and we happily welcome all those interested in Walleye, Bass, Perch, Trout, Musky and the many other species swimming in our waters.Perch fishing does not require a wide or expensive collection of fishing gear.

Read on to know why excessive consumption of perch fish should be avoided.

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Perch fish trophy isolated on natural water background Perch, fish on a hook with a bait in the mouth, fishing line, sunny bright glare on the water.

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Their natural curiosity and voracious appetite make them easy and fun to catch, contributing to their introduction beyond their naturally northern range.

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Perch Fishing in ZONE 5 of Lake of the Woods is open all year round.

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FishSens Magazine aims to keep professional anglers and fishery researchers up to date on developments in their industries.They provide good action, fight hard on light tackle, and for many anglers, make a great meal.

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Dip perch fillets in egg wash first and then into the flour mixture.

Its most striking characteristic is its golden yellow body with 6-8 dark fingers or bands which extend from the back towards the belly.Although the average size caught by anglers is 4-12 oz. (0.1-0.34.

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In some waters they have become scarce and others they are thriving.

Perch are a common freshwater fish, and popular among fishermen.Jim Smith Lake, 7 km SW of Cranbrook, Provincial Park, rainbow trout, bass, yellow perch, shore and boat fishing (no power boats) Wapiti Lake, 7 km west of Jaffray, rainbow trout, shore and boat fishing.

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In Lake Simcoe, YELLOW PERCH are the most sought after game fish through the ice providing steady angling action throughout the winter while providing great table fare.

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Perch are the first fish to populate, naturally, the vast majority of newly flooded waters, and this is believed to be as a result of their extremely sticky eggs, whese will easily stick to the feet or feathers of nomadic water birds, thus transferring the species from water to water.

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